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We export the cherry stalks as wholesale. Our cherry stems are separated from the organic cherry fruits we export and stored. We can pack the cherry stalks as you wish, specifically for your brand.

cherry stems supplier cherry stems exporter
cherry stalk supplier cherry stalk exporter
Cherry stems in a pack cherry stalks are separated from its fruit

Organic Dried Cherry Stems

The benefits of cherries, which are one of the most beautiful fruits with high levels of vitamins A, B1 and C, are countless. Well, do you know that the most vitamins of this fruit, which we throw away the stems after eating the fleshy parts, is actually in the stalk of the cherry?

Dried cherry stems are a common medicinal herb used in traditional medicine. Although we are more used to eating the fruit of cherries, the stems are at least as nutritious and beneficial as their fruit.

Cherry stems storage condition: Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Preparation of cherry stalks for delivery packed cherry stalks tea made from cherry stalks Organic Dried Cherry Stems cherry stalks a woman buying a cherry stalk
high quality cherry stalk cup of cherry stalk tea

Cherry stem calms you down

It is an extremely rare plant in terms of containing antioxidants that regulate biorhythm, especially melatonin and serotonin. Drinking a cup of cherry stalk tea before going to sleep at night helps you to calm down and have a stress-free sleep.

A man preparing cherry stalks A person who solves her sleep problem by drinking cherry stalk tea

Cherry stems are diuretic and edema remover

Cherry stems have been used for centuries as an effective and safe diuretic in phytotherapy. These diuretic effects are thought to be primarily due to the naturally occurring bioflavanoids and potassium salts found in cherry stalks. It removes edema in the body without disturbing the salt balance.

cherry stems cherry stalks

Cherry stalk helps to weaken

Cherry stalk can eliminate existing fat and cellulite by cleansing the body of waste and toxins. Thus, it helps the skin to maintain its shape and elasticity during the weight loss process. Moreover, it facilitates weight loss by normalizing intestinal activities and preventing the body's water retention.

Bulk Cherry Stems Exporter

We are progressing towards becoming one of the worldwide cherry stalk suppliers that wholesale and exports cherry stems.